I'm 26 year old (DOB 10 July 1989) Emma Claire Rachel Blowers AKA EmmaCRB. I am on many sites across the internet and used to have a small fanbase on youtube (I won a dubber of the year award on youtube in 2007), have loads of art (& hentai) on many different sites (I've had people post my art on Rule34 & tbib and I used to have a mention on Encyclopedia Dramatica) and I'm on a few amateur modelling sites. I have never done proper modelling but I do get paid for what I upload to those sites. Unfortunately, I have never gotten paid for my art (although I have tried to sell it) or youtube videos as dubs & music videos of tv shows infringe copyrights. I am currently thinking of something more original to do in the hopes of getting a youtube partnership- I did do videos with xtranormal but they've had barely any views but I will eventually start doing proper animations or something...I've already lost one I started! I'm also thinking of eventually doing art commissions (I've only started DeviantART point commissions so far) once I've finished uploading all my old stuff so that the new stuff is at the front of my gallery.