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What's been going on with my work during the past year

Posted on September 3, 2009 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (1)

It's now a whole year exactly since I last updated this blog. I haven't updated in ages because I lost all my work back in October 2008 and it's kinda difficult to look up & list everything I worked on when it's all gone.

In September 2008 I finished working on my animation of Edward kissing Emma, did a drawing of Emma & Edward cuddling, made an EmmaxEd stamp and uploaded them all to DeviantART. I finished working on my drawing of Yang from Yin Yang Yo with Sunny Funny for my friend Heavy and my drawing of me & Roxy and uploaded them both to FurAffinity, aswell as uploading rough sketches of Yang & Sunny Funny to my scraps gallery. I also finished working on my tribute video to my goldfish Chrystal that died & uploaded it as private on my spair youtube account and finished working on the Hunchback dub with the dubbing team & uploaded it to my main youtube account.

I signed up to Livestream (formerly called Mogulus), a site where the videos you upload are broadcasted live one after the other and submitted some of my best videowork.

Then in October 2008 I did a drawing of Danielle from EastEnders & uploaded it to DeviantART, did a drawing of Sweep from the cartoon version of Sooty & uploaded it to FurAffinity, and I uploaded a picture of me that I took in September to my scraps gallery on both DeviantART & FurAffinity.

I also re-signed up to WWOEC Forums as EmmaCRB after the site crashed.

After I lost all my work in October I could no longer finish some of the work I was working on, but I still did some drawings for my friends Claw & Elesha on their birthdays & uploaded them to DeviantART. I also uploaded a new picture of me to my scraps gallery on DeviantART & FurAffinity.

I then stopped working on drawings & other artwork because I thought I had done something to my hand- a doctor thought it was a bit inflamed but anti-inflammatries affected my asthma.

I started thinking about making videos about a swearing/dirty puppet- I practised it out in videos & voice clips and even got a new webcam for filming, but I wasn't sure whether I was copying K9oggy who does a similar sort of thing with a hamster & I'd gotten the idea off him. Talking to him about how he gets paid for it made me start thinking about how I could get paid for the work I've done- most of it infringes copyright so I started trying to come up with something more original to do. I went back to my swearing puppet idea and continued to practise stuff out. I also started submitting some of my art (that does not infringe copyrights) as prints on DeviantART, including my photos which I had moved from scraps to my main gallery. 

Aswell as just thinking up ideas for work/videos I could do for youtube, my friend Bill asked me if I wanted to be in his Random Hearts (Kingdom Hearts dub) video so we started working on that. I also uploaded the super smash bros brawl 10 acts of randomness that I did with my friend Daniel during summer 2008 and some of my old private videos (think Atomic Betty, Edward love videos etc) to my youtube account. Unfortunately, my EmmaCRBlovesEdward youtube account that I had had for 2 years (2007-2009) got suspended in September 2009.  I started uploading other old videos to megaupload and livestream and old art to fanart-central, sheezyart, wwoec forums and rule34. I tried to upload old art to hentai-foundry aswell but it got rejected.

I also turned 20 in July 2009!

Tenth update

Posted on September 3, 2008 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok, it's finally time for a tenth update. I haven't updated this journal in like a month now o.O which is the longest I've gone without updating.

Since the last update, I've released 5 pieces of artwork to DeviantART- a birthday gift for my friend Heavy, a drawing of me kissing Ed, a birthday gift for my friend Daniel, a banner I made of Danielle from EastEnders, and a banner of BBC3 shows that I like. I've also uploaded my picture of Ed to FurAffinity (yes, FurAffinity is back!)
Plus, I've been working on a drawing of me & Roxy for FurAffinity, a gift for my friend Heavy featuring Yang from Yin Yang Yo & a character called Sunny Funny, an animation of Edward kissing Emma, I'm still working on my desktop collage of Ed and I've been attempting at quite a lot of other art (drawings), too. I've also made a SeanxRoxy stamp which I'm not sure whether to upload and made some pictures with the EastEnders makeover game AND put a few pictures together for some of my friends. =)

And as for videos- I've been working on a tribute video to my goldfish Chrystal that died (all of my goldfishes are dead now), a video about Drew Pickles using Speakonia; I've been working on a Hunchback of Notre Dame dub with VideoGuy18, BigBeastv2 & AntFish as part of VideoGuy18's dubbing team, and been thinking about/working on other videos. As I've said before, I'm going to be working on some other dubs & videos with other people aswell. I've also downloaded my Dragonball Z dub from MegaUpload, hoping that THIS file won't be corrupted like others.

So there we go. August is now over and we're in to September. I'm hoping it will be an ok month. I'll keep updating you guys on my work.


Ninth update

Posted on August 1, 2008 at 10:38 PM Comments comments (0)
Time for my ninth update. This was written on the 1st of August not the 2nd.

Ok so I have 4 new pices of artwork to DeviantART- a belated birthday gift for my friend OttonandPooky, a banner I made of Roxy from EastEnders, a banner of EastEnders couple Sean & Roxy, and a banner about whether Sean & Roxy's wedding will happen on EastEnders. I've also been working on my desktop collage of Ed <3, I finally scanned in & edited that pic of Ed for FurAffinity (it wouldn't scan in properly before! >>) and was working on a drawing of me & Ed for FurAffinity lol. FurAffinity is still offline but hopefully it might be back soon.

And as for videos- I made a Biker Mice dub which I'm not sure whether to upload yet, I've been working on my Ed & Mervin AMV and been thinking about other dubs & videos. Plus, I discovered that you can convert files for free with a site called Zamzar.com. So, I've been trying to convert some of my WMV files (that don't work in Windows Movie Maker) into MPG files but it didn't work! Maybe my files are corrupted

Well, July has ended and August has just begun. July has been an ok month and I hope August will be, too.