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Posted on September 3, 2008 at 9:55 PM

Ok, it's finally time for a tenth update. I haven't updated this journal in like a month now o.O which is the longest I've gone without updating.

Since the last update, I've released 5 pieces of artwork to DeviantART- a birthday gift for my friend Heavy, a drawing of me kissing Ed, a birthday gift for my friend Daniel, a banner I made of Danielle from EastEnders, and a banner of BBC3 shows that I like. I've also uploaded my picture of Ed to FurAffinity (yes, FurAffinity is back!)
Plus, I've been working on a drawing of me & Roxy for FurAffinity, a gift for my friend Heavy featuring Yang from Yin Yang Yo & a character called Sunny Funny, an animation of Edward kissing Emma, I'm still working on my desktop collage of Ed and I've been attempting at quite a lot of other art (drawings), too. I've also made a SeanxRoxy stamp which I'm not sure whether to upload and made some pictures with the EastEnders makeover game AND put a few pictures together for some of my friends. =)

And as for videos- I've been working on a tribute video to my goldfish Chrystal that died (all of my goldfishes are dead now), a video about Drew Pickles using Speakonia; I've been working on a Hunchback of Notre Dame dub with VideoGuy18, BigBeastv2 & AntFish as part of VideoGuy18's dubbing team, and been thinking about/working on other videos. As I've said before, I'm going to be working on some other dubs & videos with other people aswell. I've also downloaded my Dragonball Z dub from MegaUpload, hoping that THIS file won't be corrupted like others.

So there we go. August is now over and we're in to September. I'm hoping it will be an ok month. I'll keep updating you guys on my work.


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