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Eighth update

Posted on July 25, 2008 at 10:46 PM Comments comments (0)

My eighth update! At last! I haven't updated this journal in over 3 weeks now.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (on the 10th of July- turned 19) so I was a bit busy with that. My birthday was ok- it had its ups & downs. I got some good presents from both my family and online friends ^^

So yeah, recent artwork- I've uploaded the KatxCraig drawing I did for my friend Kat, done a drawing of Roxy from EastEnders, a drawing of Rose from Doctor Who, a drawing of Dawn from EastEnders; on my birthday I did a drawing of Ed saying happy birthday to me ^^, an EastEnders lover stamp, a StanxWendy stamp, and re-did me as a South Park character. Plus, I've done a birthday gift for my friend Nikki which I didn't upload coz it's personal for her ^^, an EmmaxEd stamp which I'm not sure whether to upload, I've uploaded a pic of me from my birthday to scraps and been attempting at drawings. I've also made a club for EastEnders on DeviantART. Nothing new to FurAffinity yet especially as the site has been offline.

And as for videos- I've been thinking of doing a Blue's Clues dub (and been working on it). I've been trying to think up other video & dub ideas aswell but it's just so hard...I don't have as many ideas as I used to. I've had a go at re-recording my Spongebob Bully dub Part 2 but I can't do it...I think I'm out of practise at recording. Video & dub-making is just getting harder & harder for me. But, I'm going to be in other people's videos & dubs (especially as I joined VideoGuy18's dubbing team) so look out for me in them.
I've also seem to have discovered that my file converter doesn't seem to work with WMM files so I need to get a decent WMM to MPG converter to convert some of my other videos that I haven't been able to convert. I've had no luck at finding a a decent FREE converter that'll work on my computer, though.
I've uploaded the Woody Woodpecker dub that me & VideoGuy18 did! It may not be a new video but it's my first video upload (to my main account) in about 3 months. I also tried re-uploading my Dragonball Z dub but it wouldn't upload properly! I also uploaded a dumb random webcam video to one of my spair accounts but I removed it nearly straight away- I just don't have the confidence for those sorts of videos.

Wow. I've had a lot to say in this journal. But then again, it's been over 3 weeks since I last  updated it when I normally update every 3-9 days I think.
Well, July my birth month is nearly over now. It's been an ok month so far.

This journal was written on the 25th of July not the 26th!

Seventh update

Posted on June 30, 2008 at 10:13 PM Comments comments (0)
Ok, now time for my seventh update. My last update was actually on the 21st of June not 22nd lol and this journal is on the 30th of June not the 1st of July.

Well, I was working on Part 2 of Spongebob Bully dub but I rushed the recordings a bit in order to get it finished today. I've decided to give myself more time and upload it another day. So, expect the dub in July, hopefully. (my birth month lol).
I've also been doing more voices for Daniel (Syrothedragonboy).

And as for art- I've made a new ID for DeviantART at last, drawn LazloxPatsy for Pokemon43, drawn ClamxNicole for GirlyClam, and done a Birthday gift for Syd/AnimeBlob. all uploaded to DeviantART ^^ Plus, I uploaded a pic of my Homer Simpson beanie to scraps and attempted a KatxCraig drawing for my friend Kat. Nothing new uploaded to FurAffinity, though.

Well, June has ended and July is about to begin. I'm hoping it will be a good & successful month That's it for now though, sorry if this journal was a bit rushed.

Sixth update

Posted on June 21, 2008 at 8:34 PM Comments comments (0)
Ok, time for a sixth update. At last! =p (it's been a while since my last update.)

Ok well I've started making another Fur TV AMV- about Ed beating up Mervin & stuff using the song Die Die My Darling by Metallica. Windows Movie Maker twats up when I try to work on Chowder dub & Dora dub but it seems to be ok with part 2 of Spongebob Bully dub so I've been working on that ^^ I've mainly been deciding on my lines & going through them but I've also been working with sound effects, music, credits & disclaimers. If it'll still be ok with me then you might see that dub up some time this month ^^ I hope. I've also been doing more voices for Daniel's (Spyrothedragonboy's) dub.

And as for art- I finally uploaded Ed collage, Mervin collage and Lapeno collage to DeviantART! ^^ (I wasn't sure whether to upload them before.) Plus, I uploaded a picture of me that I took with my webcam to scraps. I'll hopefully have some more art soon ^^

Also, I'm not sure if my sore throat is completely gone :(  God, I hate Summer weather.
On another note: it's my birthday soon!!! ^^ On the 10th of July, I'm going to be 19 ^^